Protect co. is a well established company in the  field of pest control landscaping , our company continuously trains improves the standards of our workers , for our clients benifit to guarantee complete customer satisfaction

If you are having a problem concerning

  • Fumigation
  • Residentian pests
  • Rodent control
  • Reptile control
  • Wild animal control

Our experienced staff will gladly help

We offer

  • free fumigation inspections  .
  • free ideas for rodent control .
  • free ideas for garden land scaping .

* wood
            If you are experiencing pest problems in wood we offer fumigation solutions for wood importers & exporters


We issue official guaranteed certificates for exporting purposes

* crops & seeds
            We offer solutions for problems encountered during crop seed storage in warehouses , silos , ports & ships

* soil
            Nematode, fusarium weeds are illiminated via our soil fumigation programs which are most encountered in greenhouses, golf courses and football fields.


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